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Learn More about our Catholic Faith

You can now learn more about the Catholic faith by simply sitting at your computer. Watch and listen to these talks in one sitting, or over several days (or weeks!) as you find time. You can watch a talk alone, or with your spouse or family members. You could use these talks (or parts of them) as starters for CWL or Knights of Columbus meetings, for RCIA sessions, or for any other parish-based adult faith formation.

We offer you three series of archived webcasts.

  1. Learn about the Mass (six sessions; each in two parts of about 30 min. each)

  2. Why does Vatican II matter to us today, 50 years later? (seven sessions; each in three parts of 20 min. each)

  3. The Nicene Creed: the Summary of What Catholics Believe  (seven sessions; each in three parts of 20 min. each)

Each session also offers reflection questions for you to use alone or in a group. 

Learn something small about your faith

Beliefs in Brief

What exactly do Catholics believe? Our beliefs are summarized in the Nicene Creed. All Catholics pray this creed every Sunday. Perhaps next time you go, you can really listen to the words... better yet, join in! Often we might zone out like robots. Praying it—and living it—makes much more sense for our spiritual lives. Try it today.

Confession / Reconciliation

So what about confession? Is it really necessary? The magazine, The Word Among Us, had a good article about this sacrament of healing. See one video explanation of why it is essential. View another perspective.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation is one of the two sacraments of healing offered by the Church. How to go to confession is a question many people ask. If you are thinking about going to confession, you may need a guide for "examining your conscience" or looking at what attitudes and behaviours in your life keep you disconnected from God and God's people:

Self-directed growth

How can I go deeper?

Are you wanting to grow? Here are some suggestions to deepen your own faith.