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Happy Easter! I hope you had a nice weekend with family and friends!

Some news to share with you this week…

World Youth Day

  • WYD @ Home 2012 wrap-up.

Thank you to all who attended on Saturday, March 31st. We had a great evening.  Thank you to everybody who stepped-up on short notice to assist with the event, especially those who helped with Dinner, music, and to the priests that came to hear confessions! A special thanks to Fr. Martin and Annunciation Parish for hosting us! The Archbishop enjoyed the opportunity to be with everyone there!\

  • WYD Leaders Meeting

There is a WYD Leaders meeting on Tuesday, April 27th from 7:00-9:00 pm in the St. Francis Room at Newman Theological College.  This is an important meeting so please plan on attending if you are the WYD Leader in your parish.  Email me (Andrew) at youth@caedm.ca if you are attending, or contact Danielle at drobanske@caedm.ca. \

Certificate in Catholic Studies: Youth Evangelization.

  • Newman Theological College is offering an online certificate program designed for those working in parish youth ministry (or with youth groups). This is the recommended/preferred course to take for those seeking  formation in youth ministry for the Archdiocese. For more information, and to download a brochure, visit the Newman Theological College Website (click on the hyperlink). If you have any questions if this is a course you should take, give me a call (469-1010 ext. 2238) for more info and details. 


  • For those who took Year 1 of the Certificate in Catholic Studies: Foundations in Faith, Newman Theological College will be launching the follow-up course, Foundations in Faith Year 2. The course is designed to expand and deepen your knowledge in the Catholic faith, and will include an introduction of On Good Soil,  which is the primary resource for evangelization and catechetical ministry across Canada. Click on the above-mentioned hyperlink for more information.  (Note: You must take the pre-requisite course, Foundations in Faith Year One, to enroll).


  • Newman Theological  College will be offering Year 1 (Foundations in Faith) again. Feedback from those who participated was overwhelmingly positive. More information can be found on the same hyperlink as above.


Easter Messages

Have a great weekend! Remember to send us your notices and check our website and Facebook for updates.