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Gambling: FAQs

Why has the Archbishop suddenly decided to ban casino fundraising? Maximize
What exactly is covered by the policy? Maximize
What is meant by "high-stakes" bingo? Maximize
When is the deadline for schools to comply with the policy? Maximize
What authority does the Archbishop have in how our schools operate or raise money? Maximize
Refusing to apply for casinos or government grants derived from gambling revenues doesn't solve the real issue, which is gambling addiction. What is accomplished by not accepting this revenue source, other than depriving Catholic institutions of funds? Maximize
How can the Church condemn fundraising through casinos and yet have no problem with raffles, house and car lotteries, parish bingos and other forms of gambling? Isn't gambling either right or wrong? Maximize
If the Church forbids our schools from raising money this way, will the Church make up the shortfall? Maximize
Isn't it hypocritical for Catholic institutions to forgo gambling revenues and yet accept money from the provincial general revenue fund, which may include proceeds from gaming? Maximize
I'm not an addict, but I like to play bingo or go to a casino once in a while for entertainment, and I occasionally buy lottery and 50/50 tickets. Is the Church saying all this is immoral? Maximize
If public schools are accepting money from the Alberta Lottery Fund and/or provincial grant programs, and Catholic schools are not, a growing revenue disparity will result, so will parents be tempted to send their children to better-equipped public schools Maximize
Would it be acceptable for a Catholic institution to accept money from the Alberta Lottery Fund or a provincial grant program if the money came through an arm's-length third party such as a group of parents who establish a legal society for this purpose? Maximize