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Archbishop's Office

The Archbishop is supported in carrying out his office by the following:

Vicar General: Rev. Jim Corrigan
Assists in the governance of the Archdiocese and acts for the Archbishop in his absence.

Moderator of the Curia: Rev. Adam Lech
Assists the Archbishop and is responsible for overseeing the work of the Pastoral and Administration Offices, including assisting priests.

Judicial Vicar: Rev. Philip Creurer
Acts in the name of the Archbishop and directs the Interdiocesan Tribunal, which assists those requesting a study of a marriage for a possible declaration of nullity. The Tribunal serves the dioceses of Edmonton, St. Paul, Grouard-McLennan and Mackenzie-Fort Smith.

Adjunct Judical Vicar: Rev. Dean Dowle

Chancellor: Josee Marr
Oversees the archdiocesan Archives, and assists the Moderator of the Curia in overseeing the work of the Pastoral and Administration Offices, including requests for marriage dispensations.

Executive Assistant to the Archbishop: Rita Strauss
Provides administrative support to the Office of the Archbishop

Department Head, Pastoral and Parish Services: Teresa Kellendonk
Oversees the work of the offices of Life and Family, Youth and Young Adults, Youth Camps, Catechesis, Sacramental Education, Lay Apostolate, Missions, Social Justice, Pastoral Care, and Ecumenical and Interreligious Relations.

Department Head, Temporal Services: Wayne Provencal
Oversees the work of the offices of Chancery, Finance, Human Resources, Development, Communications, Information & Technology, Building Services, and Edmonton Catholic Cemeteries.

Director of Divine Worship: Rev. Paul Kavanagh
Encourages full and fruitful participation in liturgy by providing education, support, direction, leadership and resources to all parishes.

Director of Vocations: Rev. Marc Cramer
Assists the faithful in discerning their vocations and has a particular mandate to promote vocations to the priesthood.

Director of Permanent Diaconate Office
& Coordinator of Clergy Services:
Deacon Lynn Pion
Oversees formation program and ongoing support for permanent deacons, provides administrative support for priests' annual assemblies, retreats and seminars.