Liturgical Restrictions Lifted

Liturgical practices in the Archdiocese have returned to normal now that the risk of influenza has subsided.
In a January 29th announcement, Archbishop Smith advised that he has lifted the previous restrictions on distribution of Communion from the chalice, distribution of Communion on the tongue, shaking hands during the Sign of Peace, and the the use of holy water in fonts.

"While we are relieved that incidents of infection appear to be decreasing, we must remain vigilant in maintaining good hygiene practices, especially during the winter months and traditional flu season," Archbishop Smith said. "I encourage parishes to continue using preventive measures such as hand sanitizers near church entrances and for all Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. 

"To our family of faith, I extend my gratitude for your patience over the last three weeks, and for being ever mindful of our call to care for each other just as Our Lord cares for each one of us."