Back to school: a video message from Archbishop Smith

2016 Archbishop Smith's Back to School Message from Archdiocese of Edmonton on Vimeo.

As a new school year begins in this Jubilee Year of Mercy, Archbishop Smith reminds us that "we all need mercy -- we make mistakes, we fall down, we hurt one another. Without mercy, those experiences can can fester within us and cause anger and division among people. But mercy brings us together in the healing and forgiveness that only Jesus can give.

"A lot of things are happening around us that can cause fear and anxiety, a lot of pressures in our own lives that can make us worry. So where is our reason for hope? The reason for hope comes from the love and the mercy that is given to us, to the world, uniquely in the person of Jesus Christ. As you enter into this new school with all of the excitement and all of its hopes, just remember the basis for real hope and real mercy, and that’s the person who wants to be with you and guide you and accompany you -- not only as your Lord, not only as your Saviour, but also as your best friend.

"Have a great year, and know that I am praying for you."