Merry Christmas from Archbishop Richard Smith! - VIDEO

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ, Merry Christmas to you!

Many people come to me at this time of year  ̶  as they likely do to you  ̶  and ask about my plans for Christmas. What are you going to do? Spend time with family? Travel? What I suggest to everybody – and I include myself in this – is that among our plans for the Christmas season, we spend some time contemplating the manger scene.

The manger scene can say many things to us as we contemplate the figures of Mary, Joseph, the wise men, the shepherds, and the rest. Allow all of them to speak to you. But above all, at the heart of it, welcome the message of the Child. Allow that to speak to you and uncover anew for you this wondrous truth of our dependence on God, of God’s never-failing love for us, and discover the peace and consolation that is ours when we embrace that truth and live from it.

I wish a very blessed, happy and holy Christmas to each of you and your families, and God’s every blessing for you in the New Year.

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