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Pastoral & Administration Offices

8421 - 101 Avenue NW
Edmonton, AB T6A 0L1
780-469-1010 | Toll free: 1-844-469-1010 | Fax: 780-465-3003
Office Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday

Email: Contact Us

Chancery Office

Most Rev. Richard W. Smith, Archbishop of Edmonton
Rita Strauss, Executive Assistant, Ext. 2438
Rev. Jim Corrigan, Vicar General
Rev. Adam Lech, Moderator of the Curia, Ext. 2123
Josée Marr, Chancellor, Ext. 2439
Suzanne Brohier, Administrative Assistant, Ext. 2435
Suzanne Binassi, Tona Cota, Carmel Hunt, Reception, Ext. 2122

Canonical Services | Interdiocesan Tribunal of Edmonton

Edmonton Office, 780-469-4446 | Fax 780-465-2880
Rev. Philip Creurer, JCD, Judicial Vicar
Rev. Dean Dowle, JCL, Adjunct Judicial Vicar, Ext. 2158
Sr. Hazel Dalton UJ, JCL, Case Instructor/Auditor, Ext. 2171
Linda Onofrychuk, GDCL, Case Instructor/Auditor/Advocate, Ext. 2172
John J. Vizza, B.A., GDCL, M.Div., Case Instructor/Auditor/Advocate
Danielle White, Administrative Assistant, Ext. 2170

Divine Worship

Rev. Paul Kavanagh, Director, Ext. 2153
Mona Dolan, Administrative Assistant, Ext. 2151

Permanent Diaconate & Clergy Services

Deacon Lynn Pion, Director, Ext. 2152
Mona Dolan, Administrative Assistant, Ext. 2151


Rev. Marc Cramer, Director, 780-392-2445 Ext. 2310
Mona Dolan, Administrative Assistant, Ext. 2151

Pastoral and Parish Services

Teresa Kellendonk, Department Head, Ext. 2443
Natalie Rose, Senior Administrative Assistant, Ext. 2130
Barbara Cartwright, Administrative Assistant, Ext. 2129
Sarah Alber, Administrative Assistant, Ext. 2131

Indigenous Relations

Contact Natalie Rose, Ext. 2130



  • Faith Formation
  • RCIA
  • Sacramental Preparation

John Ottens, Coordinator, Ext. 2132

Ecumenical and Interreligious Relations

Julien Hammond, Coordinator, Ext. 2133

Lay Apostolate


  • Archdiocesan Pastoral Council
  • Lay Associations
  • Stewardship
  • Together in Ministry
  • Volunteer Management

Lucy Kaakyo, Coordinator, Ext. 2134

Life and Family

Including Marriage Preparation

Steven Defer, Coordinator, Ext. 2159


Teresa Kellendonk, Chair, Ext. 2443

Pastoral Care

Including Safe Environments & Abuse Prevention

Teresa Kellendonk, Coordinator, Ext. 2443
Confidential Abuse Reporting: 1-877-770-6777

Social Justice

Contact Teresa Kellendonk, Ext. 2443

Youth Evangelization

Including Camps

Lisa MacQuarrie, Coordinator, Ext. 7521 or 780-306-7521

Temporal Services

Wayne Provençal, Department Head, Ext. 2437


Lea de la Paz, Archivist and Records Manager, Ext. 2142
Michele Koziak, Sacramental Records & Archives Assistant, Ext. 2143
Gail Colwill, Administrative Assistant, Ext. 2144


Including Grandin Media

Lorraine Turchansky, Chief Communications Officer, Ext. 2456 or 780-392-2456
Andrew Ehrkamp, News Editor, Ext. 2441
Matthew Bodnarek, Videographer, Ext. 2163
Lincoln Ho, Social Media Specialist, Ext 2160
Chris Jugo, Graphic Designer, Ext. 2157
Kyle Greenham, Staff Writer, Ext. 2446
Alan Schietzsch, Webmaster, Ext. 2161

Development Office


  • Together We Serve
  • Foundation of St. Joseph Seminary & Newman Theological College
  • Friars
  • St. Joseph Priests’ Foundation of Edmonton

Connie Lunde, Director, Ext. 2140
Maria Baca, Administrative Assistant, Ext. 2137
Joan Harrison, Event and Campaign Coordinator, Ext. 2136
Anna Jaremko, Event & Graphics Coordinator, Ext. 2139
Jennifer Dela Cruz, Administrative Assistant, Ext. 2138

Edmonton Catholic Cemeteries


  • Holy Cross Mausoleum & Cemetery
  • Our Lady of Peace Columbarium & Cemetery
  • St. Joachim Cemetery
  • St. Anthony Cemetery
  • St. Albert Cemetery

Family Services Office
14611 Mark Messier Trail NW, Edmonton, AB  T6V 1H4
780-447-2921 | Fax 780-447-7275

Roxanne Burton, Office Manager
Igor Raposo, Family Advisor
Rebecca Fenrich, Family Advisor
Jennifer Magel Smith, Family Advisor
Erin Kucharski, Family Advisor
Christina Carpio, Family Advisor
Denise Rivest, Family Advisor

Facilities Services

Robert Croteau, Manager, Ext. 2453
Andrew Papenbrock, Coordinator, Parish Facilities, Ext. 2147


Wayne Provençal, CPA, CA, Financial Administrator, Ext. 2437
Lorna Gawlinski, CPA, CA, Assistant Financial Administrator, Ext. 2440
Marian Fougere, Administrative Assistant, Ext. 2125
Renée Kuang, Senior Accounts Clerk, Ext. 2126
Aurea Lanon, Accounts Clerk, Ext. 2124
Hoai Phan, Accounts Clerk, Ext. 2127

Human Resources

Patrick Snoek, MBA, CPHR, Manager, Ext. 2150

Information Technology Systems

Joel Smith, Administrator, Ext. 2404
Armando (Buddy) Lirag, Desktop and Systems Support Analyst, Ext. 2402