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How do I become Catholic?

The best place to start is to find a Catholic church nearby where you live or work. It will offer an inquiry process called the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (or RCIA).

Have you already been attending a Catholic parish church alone, or with a friend? Have you been reading about the Catholic faith, exploring Catholic websites, attending young adult groups like Theology on Tap or The Point?

In the Roman Catholic Church, life is lived, faith is learned and celebrated, and growth happens within a community, called a parish. You see, God designed us for one another, not to "go it alone," and God models perfect loving community for us in the mystery of the Trinity. If you like the church community or parish you have been attending, talk to the parish priest about your interest in becoming Catholic.

Baptized in another Christian tradition?

Occasionally, someone from another Christian tradition already knows our Lord Jesus—through baptism, liturgy, Scripture, and community—and wishes to make their home with the Catholic Christian community. That person might enter the Church sooner than a person who is not yet baptized.

However, Scripture itself uses the phrase “in the fullness of time” to express the need for patient discernment in all matters of living a life of faith.

Call your nearest Catholic parish today, and begin this awesome adventure!