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Marriage Enrichment

Keeping Your Love Alive

Marriage is a Sacrament for the salvation of others:

first of all for the salvation of the other, of the husband

and of the wife, but also of the children, the sons and daughters,

and lastly of the entire community.

Benedict XVI, August 31, 2006

My marriage is fine. Why do I need marriage enrichment?

Marriage enrichment is when couples take time to refocus their priorities, to build on their strengths. Dedicating time to communicate about their marriage enables a couple to set goals and develop strategies to attain them.

Psychologist and renowned author Dr. Gary Chapman suggests that every couple read one book on marriage and participate in a marriage retreat every year.  This provides the opportunity to get away from the demands of the world and reconnect with your spouse. The Office of Family and Life offers you practical tips and resources to help develop your relationship with your spouse and grow together with God.

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