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FAQs - Marriage Enrichment

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Moral rules can at times seem to be a burden because they can go against our immediate desires, just as studying to pass a test or learning to play the piano take us away from more enjoyable activities. The Church's moral rules, however, aim at long-term enjoyment of a fuller, more satisfying life as an individual and for the best functioning of society.


Marriage as Covenant and Commitment Maximize
What's wrong with living together before marriage? Maximize
What are some of the best ways to strengthen a marriage? Maximize
I married a what? Maximize
Where can we find support for living a healthy married lifestyle? Maximize
So do all marriage go through difficult times? Maximize
My marriage is fine. Why do I need marriage enrichment? Maximize
Does the Church offer any programs to help couples to improve their marriage? Maximize
What can a couple do if their marriage is in trouble? Maximize
Why does the Church believe couples should be open to children and should not use contraception? Maximize