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Online Marriage Preparation

Online Marriage Preparation is available for couples who are unable to attend a marriage preparation program together through a local parish, who are unable to register with a local marriage preparation program such as Engaged Encounter, or who live a significant distance from each other and need an alternate option for marriage preparation together.

The online option is a distance education course that takes 4-6 weeks to complete and you both must have access to the internet to complete the modules required.

The online marriage preparation for The Catholic Archdiocese of Edmonton consists of TWO SEPARATE PARTS before marriage preparation will be considered complete. You must have both components completed. Your completion papers will include both a Prepare/Enrich report AND a certificate from Catholic Marriage Preparation online. These two steps are independent of one another.

Part 1 – Personal Review of Relationship Strength and Growth Areas

  • Download and fill out this form, then contact your pastor/parish in order to be assigned a facilitator to complete your Prepare Enrich facilitation. Each parish has a list of facilitators and will assign one for you to contact.
  • This facilitator will register you and your fiancé to complete an online questionnaire. You will have a small cost to pay for the completion of the questionnaire at the time that you register.
  • When your questionnaire is complete, you will need to schedule a guided conversation about your results with your assigned facilitator. This takes approximately 1-3 hours. If you are living a significant distance apart, your facilitator will meet with you personally, and connect the conversation to your fiance via Skype.
  • The cost of this facilitation is $100 payable at the time of the session directly to your facilitator, with additional fees for Skype enabled facilitations.
  • When the session is complete, your facilitator will provide your pastor with a sealed copy of your Prepare Enrich report to be included in your marriage file.

Part 2 – Sacramental Preparation

  • Register at for part two of your online course. Please note this is the only approved online marriage preparation course within The Catholic Archdiocese of Edmonton.
  • Complete your marriage preparation course with the Catholic Marriage Preparation, LLC. The fee for this course is $170.00 USD.
  • Catholic Marriage Preparation, LLC. Is an independent company and is no way affiliated with the Catholic Archdiocese of Edmonton.
  • You must bring a copy of your certificate of completion to your priest to be included in your marriage file.


  • Your online marriage preparation will be considered complete when your pastor has received BOTH your Prepare Enrich report AND your certificate from Catholic Marriage Preparation Online. These two items are completely independent of one another.

Additional Information

Please note: There are multiple independent fees for online marriage preparation. Couples are responsible for the cost of all fees associated with their online marriage preparation. If you are unable to pay for the costs of your preparation, please discuss with your pastor any alternatives that may be available to you.