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Year 2: 2009-10

Encountering Anew the Beauty of Christ

"Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!"
(John 1:29)


Nothing More Beautiful is the name Archbishop Richard Smith has given to a five-year initiative in service of the New Evangelization. His inspiration came from the words of Pope Benedict XVI during the homily for his inaugural Mass in 2005: "There is nothing more beautiful than to be surprised by the Gospel, by the encounter with Christ."

The focus of Nothing More Beautiful is a series of evening encounters that combine music, prayer and speakers at St. Joseph's Basilica, all meant to draw us to a closer relationship with Jesus Christ and a renewed appreciation of our beautiful Catholic faith. In Year 2, the 2009-10 liturgical year, Archbishop Smith invited us to ponder the beauty and mystery of the person of Jesus Christ, the Son of God made flesh, who gave His life for the salvation of the world. On this page you will find texts, videos and reflection questions for each encounter, all under the year's theme Encountering Anew the Beauty of Christ.

Jesus Christ: Word Made Flesh

Thursday, October 29, 2009 

Catechist: Archbishop Richard Smith

The heart of the Christian life is a transformative encounter with the person of Jesus Christ. This year, the second of our journey, we shall open our hearts and minds, indeed our entire lives, to the beauty and mystery of Jesus Christ and seek to encounter him anew.
Video including both presenters (56:15)
Archbishop Smith's presentation text (PDF)
 Lydia's presentation text (PDF)


Witness: Lydia Cristini

What can a 31-year-old high school teacher with an average life say to so many different people that will add to their lives or their understanding of God? But maybe that's just it: I can tell a story of an ordinary Catholic.

Catechetical Reflection by Archbishop Smith (PDF)
Some suggested reflection questions (PDF)


Jesus Christ: The Way, Truth and Life

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Catechist: Archbishop Thomas Collins

The basic thing about being a Christian, is that a person has encountered Jesus Christ, and that it shows. It is not knowledge of Christian doctrine, but total allegiance to the Lord Jesus that marks each of us as a Christian.
Video including both presenters

Archbishop Collins' presentation text (PDF)
Mother Mary Agnes' presentation text (PDF)


Witness: Mother Agnes Mary Donovan

As part of what I can now see clearly as a tapestry of graces to participate in the building of the culture of life, my summons came more than 2 decades ago while holding my infant niece, Caitlin - a child doctors advised be aborted because of the great age of her mother.
Catechetical Reflection by Archbishop Smith (PDF)
Some suggested reflection questions (PDF)

Jesus Christ: Lamb of God and Bread of Life

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Catechist: Bishop Gary Gordon

It is precisely this Holy Communion in the Lamb that sustains the covenant of love, so that the Lamb of God, Jesus, becomes the way of living the Christian life.
Video including both presenters
Bishop Gordon's presentation text (PDF)
Sister Annata's presentation text (PDF)


Witness: Sister Annata Brockman

This is a story about Jesus acting in my life as Lamb of God and Bread of Life. It is the journey of Faith by which Jesus invites me to inner transformation.
Catechetical Reflection by Archbishop Smith (PDF)


 Jesus Christ: Crucified and Risen Lord

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Catechist: Archbishop J. Michael Miller

As we know, our faith as Christians is not born from the acceptance of a doctrine but from an encounter with a Person, with Jesus Christ, Crucified and Risen. His death and resurrection fully reveal the depth of God's Trinitarian love.
Video including both presenters (1:09:05)
Archbishop Miller's presentation text (PDF)
George's presentation text (PDF)


Witness: George Weigel

How do we meet Jesus Christ, the Crucified and Risen Lord? I met him, sacramentally, in baptism when on April 29, 1951, I was incorporated into Christ by becoming a member of his mystical body, the Church..
Catechetical Summary by Archbishop Smith (PDF)

 Jesus Christ: Revelation of the Trinity

Thursday, May 21, 2010


Catechist: Cardinal Marc Ouellet

We know the story of the little child St. Augustine met at the seashore as he was laboriously pondering the mystery of the Holy Trinity. The child is filling a little hole in the sand with seawater. Augustine tells him that it is impossible to make the ocean fit into this little hole. The Child Jesus answers that it is even more difficult to fit the mystery of the Holy Trinity into our small human intelligence.
Video including both presenters (1:09:05)
Cardinal Ouellet's presentation text (PDF)
Carl's presentation text (PDF)


Witness: Carl Anderson

Everyone's path to Christ is different, and everyone's journey with Christ is uniquely personal. Sometimes it's a dramatic change of vocation, but more frequently, it happens in everyday experiences. What is universal, absolutely consistent in each person's life, is that Christ meets us where we are, and if we are willing, he leads us to a new place and a new life, that is, to a place and to a life closer to him.
Catechetical Summary by Archbishop Smith (PDF)