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Beauty in Brief: The Splendour of God's Word

"Beauty in Brief" is a series of video clip excerpts from the Nothing More Beautiful presentations made at St. Joseph's Basilica on December 9, 2011.  We offer them for use as short reflections. Each clip concludes with a few questions you may wish to consider.

Nothing More Beautiful is produced in partnership with Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation, a registered charity devoted to spreading the light of Christ through media.


Archbishop Richard Smith: Listening (1:56)

  • What kind of listener am I?
  • To whom do I listen?
  • What shapes my ways of thinking and patterns of behaviour?

 Bishop Murray Chatlain: Silence (3:09)

  • When faced with silence, what do I do?
  • What can I do to turn off the distractions and turn on the silence?
  • How might I use the moments of silence in my life to open conversation with God?

Bishop Murray Chatlain: Remembering Scripture (3:42)

  • Pause for 30 seconds. Think, what is a significant passage of Scripture for you? Write it down. Let us spend two minutes in silence with our Scripture passage.
  • What images, words, feelings and thoughts did the Holy Spirit stir up in you?

Bishop Murray Chatlain: Reading Scripture (2:08)

  • God wants to bless our eyes and ears through Scripture. How has God sp0ken to you through Scripture?
  • Falling in love with the Word of God is falling in love with a person. Can we say we have fallen in love with the Word of God?
  • What will you do from today forward to ensure your Bible is lovingly dog-eared?

Sister Eileen Schuller: Bible Study (2:23)

  • How can reading and reflecting together on Scripture enrich the gatherings in our lives?
  • What is the difference between private reflection on Scripture and hearing the Word in communion with the whole Church at Mass?

Sister Eileen Schuller: Scholarship and Tradition (2:40)

  • What are the questions I have, or have been asked, about the Bible that baffle me?
  • Sister Eileen speaks of the resources available to answer such questions; which ones have I used?