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Beauty in Brief: Evangelizing the Social and Political Order

"Beauty in Brief" is a series of video clip excerpts from the Nothing More Beautiful presentations made at St. Joseph's Basilica on December 6, 2012.  We offer them for use as short reflections. Each clip concludes with a few questions you may wish to consider.

Nothing More Beautiful was produced in partnership with Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation, a registered charity devoted to spreading the light of Christ through media.


Bishop Fred Henry:  The Church in the Modern World  (3:31)


  • Where should our efforts be directed: toward getting to the next world, or toward making this world a better place?

 Bishop Fred Henry: God at Work in the World  (2:22)



  • What are the challenges of being faithful to the Gospel in the midst of today’s culture?

Bishop Fred Henry: Faith, Ethics and Politics (3:41)


  • It is always tempting to apply different standards to our public and private lives. Where do you experience this temptation?

Bishop Fred Henry: Sexual Ethics (1:34)



  • If you were trying to persuade someone of the beauty of the covenantal sexual relationship, what would you tell them?

Sara Michel: A Day at the Beach (2:30)



  • How does you material comfort (your “toys”) prevent you from experiencing the simple joys of life?

Sara Michel: All Called to Love (1:07)



  • What are the uncharted areas (“the deep”) in your life, and how might you venture into them to live the Gospel?