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Prison Chaplaincy

Correctional Service of Canada Prayer

God of all the human family,
You have committed to us a ministry of care and protection for the good of all your people.
May we always recognize the God-created humanity of those we serve as of ourselves, which is the hope of our reconciliation.
Keep us ever mindful of your laws of love so that we may temper justice with mercy, exercise control with compassion.
May our motives and our actions conform to your will and fulfill your purposes all the days of this life so that we may share in the life to come.

“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”
- Paul of Tarsus

Through the Pastoral Care Office, the Archdiocese of Edmonton maintains a Catholic chaplain presence in the provincial and federal correctional institutions located within its geographic boundaries: Prisons served by the Archdiocese of Edmonton

What is Restorative Justice?

Restorative Justice is an approach that focuses on healing and restoring both the victim and offender. Depending on the process or technique used, restorative justice involves the victim, the offender, their social networks, justice agencies, and the community.
Restorative justice seeks to empower the offender in owning responsibility for the criminal action. This form of justice is seen as integrated and whole and is based on mercy and love instead of perpetuating the current retributive model of justice as punishment.