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Sacramental Preparation

Want to know more about becoming a Catholic?

The best place to start is to find a Catholic church near where you live or work that offers an inquiry process for you. This process is called the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (or RCIA). Check out our Parish Search page to find a parish near to you.

Want to know more about preparing children and youth for sacraments?

The Standards for Preparing Children and Youth for the Sacraments were promulgated in June 2016. These Standards harmonize the sacramental preparation practices in parishes throughout the Archdiocese. They build upon the specific roles of families, parishes and Catholic schools in preparing children and youth for the sacraments and describe a process for working together.

All parishes and Catholic schools have received a printed copy of the Standards document, which is intended to remain with the building (parish/school) when a person moves. 

Download the Standards for Preparing Children and Youth for the Sacraments (PDF, 139 pages)

Download the Additional Resources to the Standards (PDF, 40 pages)

These include sample letters to parents; sample handbills explaining Baptism, Confirmation and Becoming Catholic; guides for Confession for various age groups; and other resources.

(Press-ready files for the handbills have been given to each school district and are also available from the Office of Communications.)

Sample Letters to Parents

These letters are meant as a first step in reaching out to parents, to introduce them to sacramental preparation for their children. Click on the language you wish to download; complete the fillable fields, and print. (Compare with the English letter if you are unsure of which parts of the text you need to customize with your parish and/or school name.)

Baptismal Certificates

For details about baptismal certificates, click the Maximize sign below to open and close the answer text.

Why does the parish ask for a copy of my child's baptism certificate before registering for a sacrament? Who do I contact if I cannot find my child's baptism certificate? Minimize
Baptism is the first Sacrament of Initiation and it leads to the reception of all other sacraments. Before celebrating a sacrament, the parish must ensure that the child is a baptized member of the Roman Catholic Church. Parents must supply a baptism certificate to register for each of the sacraments.

How to obtain a Sacramental Record of Baptism

Contact the parish! Records of baptisms are held with the parish in which the child was baptized. The first step is to contact that parish to request a copy of this sacramental record.


  1. The child was baptized in a parish of the Archdiocese of Edmonton that is now closed:  The sacramental record for the child would have been transferred to an administrator parish (usually the administrator parish closest by geographical region). Please consult our List of Register Locations for Closed/Merged/Twinned Parishes to find the parish you need to contact for the sacramental record of baptism.
  2. The child was baptized at a parish outside of the Archdiocese of Edmonton: Sacramental records for churches are maintained by the diocese to which that church belongs. For a list of dioceses and their contact information, please consult the CCCB List of Dioceses and Archdioceses.
  3. The child was baptized in the Ukrainian Catholic Church or at a church on a military base: Sacramental records are maintained by the Ukrainian eparchies and military ordinariates respectively (even if that parish is located in a city/town within the boundaries of the Archdiocese of Edmonton). Please consult the CCCB List of Eparchies or the Military Ordinariate website.
  4. The parent does not remember the name of the parish in which the child was baptized, or the baptismal record cannot be found: The Archdiocese of Edmonton can conduct a search. Please give as much information as possible (name of child/geographical area/city/pastor/approximate date). The more information, the better. The parish will assist with this process.

For more information, visit our Sacramental Records page or Frequently Asked Questions about Sacramental Records.