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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a Police Information Check (PIC)? Maximize
I have been volunteering with my parish for 20 years and am trusted by my pastor and the people I serve. Why do I now have to get a Police Information Check? Maximize
Who pays for the Police Information Check (PIC) for Volunteers? Maximize
What is an Intervention Records Check? Maximize
Who will see the information as a result of the processing of the Police Information Check (PIC) or the Intervention Records Check (IRC)? Maximize
Who will see my personal information provided as a result of applying to be a volunteer in a ministry? Maximize
Do current volunteers need to follow the volunteer management policy as if they were an applicant interested in volunteering with a ministry for the first time? Maximize
What if I move to another parish? Will I have to take the Called to Protect training and go through all the screening procedures again? Maximize
Who are the volunteers in a High & Medium Risk positions? Maximize