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Kairos Blanket Exercise Cover

The Blanket Exercise

Fifteen years ago, the Aboriginal Rights Coalition worked with Indigenous elders and teachers to develop an interactive way of learning the history most Canadians are never taught.

Two scripts are included: one for youth and adults, the other one for children and younger teens. The participants have to read a script while the exercise goes through the history of treaty-making, colonization and resistance that resulted in the nation we today call Canada...

Gently Whispering the Circle Back Cover

Gently Whispering the Circle Back

This manual has been developed to assist individuals, groups, and communities in creating safe and structured opportunities for confronting, acknowledging, and healing the history of oppression and colonization in Canada; understanding the past and present impacts of these events creates a context in which the resulting grief and pain can be released and ultimately, transcended.


To view or borrow a copy of these videos please contact the Office for Social Justice.

Avenue Zero
(DVD - 52 minutes, 2009)

This National Film Board production examines the reality of human trafficking in Canada today. Featuring candid interviews with victims, witnesses, and perpetrators, Avenue Zero paints a spellbinding portrait of a dark and sinister trade flourishing in the shadows of the law.

Coady's Dream
(DVD - 27 minutes, 2006)

A documentary on Rev. Dr. Moses Coady, a Catholic priest from Nova Scotia who founded the Antigonish Movement. He shook the lives of ordinary working people out of their complacency during the Depression years by urging them to take ownership of their lives.

Connecting the Drops
(DVD - 24 minutes, 2009)

A documentary by KAIROS Canadian Ecumenical Justice Initiatives who sent an ecumenical delegation to Alberta's Athabasca Oil Sands May 21-27, 2009.

The Democratic Promise: Saul Alinsky & His Legacy
(DVD - 57 minutes, 2007)

"The Democratic Promise: Saul Alinsky & His Legacy", narrated by Alec Baldwin, chronicles the Chicago-based community organizer and three key Alinksy organizations and how in turn his ideas influenced the civil rights movement, the farmworkers struggle and many Vietnam era political protests.

First Nations Catholic Spirituality-Catholic Focus
(Salt+Light Television DVD - 26 minutes, 2010)

Host Mary Rose Bacani goes to Edmonton, Alberta, to find out more about how the First Nations Catholics integrate their aboriginal roots and their Catholic faith. She participates in a First Nations liturgy at Sacred Heart Church of the First Peoples, speaks to Aboriginal students at Ben Calf Robe School, and discusses art with Cree artist Wayne Ashley.

FOOD, Inc.
(DVD - 1 hr 34 min, 2008)

Food, Inc. lifts the veil on the food industry, exposing how our food supply is now controlled by a handful of corporations that often put profit ahead of consumer health, the livelihood of the farmer, the safety of workers and our own environment.

Fool for Christ - The Story of Dorothy Day
(DVD - 52 minutes, 2007 )

Dorothy Day is one of the most dynamic and beloved religious figures in modern history. Co-founder of the Catholic Worker Newspaper/Movement in 1933, she is perhaps best known for her long battle for peace and justice on behalf of the poor and homeless.

Monsenor Romero "Un Misterio de Dios"
(DVD - 2003)

Documentary on the life of Monsenor Oscar Romero. Spanish with English subtitles.


Moses Coady
(VHS - 57 minutes, 1976)

Moses Coady proved to be one of the most effective social reformers in Canada. Today, people from all over the world come to study his methods at the Coady International Institute in Antigonish, Nova Scotia.

Scenes from a Parish
(DVD - 2009)

Drama with Spanish subtitles. When a young, irreverent priest arrives at Saint Patrick Parish in Lawrence, Massachusetts, he discovers the unexpected - boiling ethnic tensions in a changing working-class community. Scenes from a Parish tells the wildly diverse personal stories of Father Paul O'Brien and his unruly flock, as they struggle to hold onto faith in the face of desperate circumstances


To view or borrow a copy of these books please contact the Office for Social Justice.

Creative Connections for Catechists from A to Z - Catholic Social Teaching
(Sister Janet Schaeffler - 2009))
This booklet offers catechists creative and fun ways to focus on Catholic social teaching with those they teach (and their parents).

Effective Organizing for Congregational Renewal
(Michael Gecan, Metro Industrial Foundation - 2008)
A quick analysis of the tools of organizing that can be taught and mastered by the clergy and lay leaders of religious congregations of all faiths and denominations: the art and craft of the individual meeting, how to run effective public meetings, how to design actions and reduce creating new "groups" or "structures", .......

I Like Being in Parish Ministry - Social Justice
(Marvin L. Mich - 2002)
With stories and examples, Marvin L. Mich illustrates the many ways people live out the long tradition of Catholic social teaching. He offers a direct challenge to see our ministry not only as service to the parish community, but to our families, our neighbourhood and to the world community.

Living God's Justice - reflections and prayers
(The Roundtable Association of Diocesan Social Action Directors )
A sourcebook of social justice prayers and reflections from both men and women of centuries past and the most contemporary authors. The chapters correspond roughly to the major themes of Catholic social teaching, with additional chapters on holidays and holy days and complete prayer services.

Living Justice - Catholic Social Teaching in Action
(Thomas Massaro, S.J. - 2000)
This book is intended as an introduction to the tradition of social ethics within the Roman Catholic Church. It looks at contemporary issues and our responses to them. Rooted in Scripture, tradition and living examples of holiness, this is a relevant and timely book that informs and inspires.

Preaching the Church's Social Doctrine
(Michael T. Ryan -2008)
A brief, readable treatise on the vocation and art of preaching, with special application to Catholic social teaching, together with a collection of fourty homilies reflecting that teaching.

The Social Attitudes of a Catholic
(Rev. Michael T. Ryan - 2010)
A series of 29 short articles on a variety of Catholic social teaching topics. Each article is followed by a list of resources and several questions. Designed primarily for use by discussion groups.

Stewardship of the Earth
(Stephen J. Binz -2007)
The book uses biblical texts to help readers understand their privilege and responsibility in caring for the earth and humbly recognizing their place in it.

The World as It Should Be
(Gregory F.A. Pierce - 2010)
Through 30 short essays, the author helps us to reimagine the kingdom of God as Jesus originally intended - it is both heavenly and earthly, and becasue it is to come "on earth, as it is in heaven," each of us is called to roll up our shirtsleeves and help make this world the way it should be.