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Beloved by Leduc students, Father 'Catfish' Mireau remembered with bench

“(Father) Mike was such a positive influence to myself and many other people. He was always available to talk and counsel during my adolescence and he helped me navigate my tough times.”

Canadian bishops witness Lebanon’s message: show your faith and work together

“So there is a wonderful message there, that faiths can indeed work together. It’s not easy, you have to work at it, but what is uniting them all in that particular corner of the world, is a united love for their country and a desire to make this work.”

Bishops call on Catholic voters to make ‘informed, moral choice’ in trustee elections

“It is incumbent upon us to select leaders who will ensure the continued formation of our school communities in the values and teachings of our Lord as taught through our Church."

Monsignor “Father Jack” Hamilton retires at age 80

“It’s been fantastic,” said Hamilton. “I can’t think of any down moments in all the 55 years.” The long-time pastor of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Sherwood Park will celebrate his last Mass as pastor at the parish on Tuesday, Aug. 15.

Catholic doctors won't prescribe abortion drug

“The fact that such a pill would be marketed and available to Canadian women, when in the trial a Canadian woman died from taking it, is deplorable in my opinion,” said Bouchard.

Fake priest faces charges

A 33-year-old man, who has been impersonating a priest in public and online, was arrested on July 27. Justin Georges Stephen Coulombe faces eight sexual assault and child pornography charges against two teenage boys under 16. Coulombe falsely identifies himself as if he is a member of the Catholic clergy, but he is not a priest – nor has he studied to be one - in the Catholic Archdiocese of Edmonton or any other diocese in Canada or the United States.

Lottery will give extra help to busy emergency departments

“The DreamLife Lottery will support two of the busiest emergency departments in this city that see people in time of urgent need,” she said. “This includes seniors and people with mental illness, people who represent a large portion of those who walk through our doors every day.

Ministry by Motorcycle: meet the Cross Bearers

“Motorbike riders are always associated with something evil or bad, but this is something wonderful, that they’re able to go around, bring the gospel, bringing the cross as they wear it on their own vests.” 

A year of legal assisted suicide: Archbishop reflects on the fallout

We as citizens – whether people of faith or not – have a responsibility to look critically at the fallout of that decision & consider some important questions about how it is changing our society.

Assisted suicide rules may test faith & courage of Catholic doctors

Dr. Rene Leiva loves his job as a family and palliative care physician in the Ottawa area, but never before has his Catholic faith and his profession come into greater conflict than it is now. 

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