The Marriage Tribunal that serves the five Roman Catholic dioceses in Alberta and the Northwest Territories has undergone some important changes, announced on March 4 by Archbishop Richard Smith in his role as Moderator:

“Through the cooperation of all five bishops and with the permission of the Holy See, we have integrated tribunal services into one body now known as the Interdiocesan Tribunal of Edmonton,” Archbishop Smith wrote in an announcement to parishes.

“Through this change, we hope to offer better and more timely service to anyone who requires a declaration of nullity before entering a new marriage within the Catholic Church."

(The declaration of nullity is sometimes referred to as an annulment.) 

"The new Interdiocesan Tribunal of Edmonton has its main office at the Pastoral and Administration Offices of the Archdiocese of Edmonton, and an auxiliary office at the Catholic Pastoral Centre of the Diocese of Calgary. The personnel in each office will remain the same as they were before this change.”

The Interdiocesan Tribunal also has its own website, which includes much helpful information. Visit at