Parishes in the Archdiocese of Edmonton are being asked to take up a second collection on the weekend of October 29-30 in support of relief efforts by Development and Peace in Haiti. The impoverished Caribbean nation was particularly hard hit by Hurricane Matthew earlier this month. According to government figures, 1,000 persons have died in Haiti, 61,000 have been evacuated, and 1.4 million are in need of humanitarian assistance, including 750,000 who have urgent needs.

In a letter dated October 13, Auxiliary Bishop Greg Bittman invites all parishioners to respond generously to the emergency appeal by Development and Peace.

"Our brothers and sisters in Haiti desperately need our prayers, our mercy, and our financial assistance," wrote Bishop Bittman. "I invite you to answer their call as generously as your means allow. You can offer a gift through the special collection in your parish, or contribute directly to Development and Peace."

Visit for updates on the situation in Haiti or to make your donation online.

Parishes may use a plain parish envelope for this collection, or order special envelopes at no cost from Development and Peace by calling the local office at 1-844-480-3387 or emailing as soon as possible. 

To date, there has been no announcement from the federal government regarding matching donations. However, if a matching program is announced, donations to Development and Peace will be among those matched, even if they were made before the program is announced.

Parishes are asked to forward the proceeds of the second collection directly to Development and Peace, earmarked Emergency Collection Haiti, to:

1425 René Lévesque Blvd. West, 3rd floor
Montreal, (Quebec)
H3G 1T7

If you have questions about what D&P has done for the emergency relief after the Haiti earthquake or want to know more about their relief efforts, please feel free to contact Sara Farid at Development and Peace at 587-224-9017.