By Thandiwe Konguavi
Staff Writer 

Former Edmonton Catholic Schools trustee Rudy Arcilla had no plans of running for the board again.

After losing his seat to outgoing trustee John Acheson in 2010, losing a bid for city council and a failed bid to enter provincial politics, Arcilla’s ego was badly bruised and his pocket was empty.

But every time Arcilla went to church, people would tell him, ‘Rudy, run again.’

“They know me, how we worked together well with the board I was in,” said Arcilla. “I finally caved in.”

Arcilla, a retired junior high school teacher, is running for election as trustee in Ward 72 in northeast Edmonton.

During his term as trustee for Ward 74 from 2007 to 2010, one of Arcilla’s major accomplishments was moving a motion to have chapels in all newly constructed and some renovated schools.

“It was passed unanimously,” he said. “We were OK as a board, we worked very well together. I can go back to that experience, and use it, if I’m elected.”

Arcilla, who volunteers as a lector and tour guide at St. Joseph’s Basilica and also attends St. John the Evangelist Parish with his family, wants to see respect, integrity and dignity on the school board.

“If we could only work together, treat each other with respect, integrity and dignity, everything falls into place,” he said. “We are working as one, on a Catholic board. That means we treat each other nicely, we don’t put each other down, and we follow the rules.”

Arcilla is proud that his daughter, Mara Suchy, is also running for trustee, in Ward 71.

“If we both get in, we may not vote on the same issues, but we will work together,” he said.

Also running for election on Oct. 16 in Ward 72 are Mina Angotti, Sandra Palazzo, and Dan Posa.

Incumbent Larry Kowalczyk is not seeking re-election.

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