By Andrew Ehrkamp
News Editor

A home school parent, sports coach, and long-time liturgical minister, Brigitte Cecelia is now setting her sights on becoming a trustee for Greater St. Albert Catholic schools in the Oct. 16 election.

“A strong voice and strong faith committed to the Church and its mission is what is needed today. In education, choices are better than no choices. Competition between boards is to the benefit of students in promoting programs that attract students,” she said.

As a trustee, Cecelia said she would advocate strongly for fully funded Catholic education, noting that “the biggest bully in our Catholic schools is the contemporary provincial government.”

Cecelia is a mother of seven who has coached competitive swimming and triathlon. As a trustee, she’d commit to ensuring a lifelong learning through faith, and in skill building in academics, art, and athletics.

“We want our students to develop into physically and psychologically healthy children in the pursuit of employment, recreation and especially in relationships.”

Cecelia said there are “no special interest groups,” and her focus is on students, adding she hopes to bring emphasis on trades as an option for students graduating from St. Albert Catholic schools.

“It is said that Catholics send their children on toward universities, and in this regard, I believe the trades have not been as well facilitated and are deserving of greater emphasis and attention.”

As a home school parent, Cecelia said the Greater St. Albert Catholic school board “has not responded adequately” to curriculum issues. She hopes to change that if she’s elected as a trustee. She also noted that it’s crucial for the board “speak with a unified voice, especially in governance.”

Cecelia said “the rising cost of student busing is a critical issue that will require some creativity in shared resources” by the new Greater St. Albert Catholic board. The school division is expected to feel the financial implications of Bill 1, which cuts school fees and removes transportation fees for eligible students who live more than 2.4 kilometres from their designated school.

Cecelia notes that she’s a very strong pro-life advocate with a long history of stewardship at Holy Family and St. Albert parishes and St. Joseph’s Basilica, where she is a lector, Catholic Women’s League member and Together We Serve fundraising appeal coordinator.

For more information, Cecelia’s website is

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