By Thandiwe Konguavi
Staff Writer

Mara Suchy and her husband were taken aback by the thought their three-year-old daughter may not have the option of attending a Catholic school in the future.

“It worried us that the Catholic system could (one day) not exist,” said Suchy, who is running for election on Oct. 16 as trustee for Ward 71 in northwest Edmonton. “How is that even possible? My entire schooling has been in the Catholic system and never once was that even an issue.”

Suchy said infighting among trustees on the previous board has fostered a lack of faith in the Catholic school system.  “People are questioning, ‘Is it effective?’ because if (the board) can’t work together, what makes us as parents have confidence?”

Suchy, a former bank customer service worker and health unit clerk, said she’s an unconventional candidate compared to her opponents, who have academic degrees and governance experience.

“But I think what qualifies me is I’m at the ground level. I’m a parent, my friends are parents, and we do not have a voice,” said Suchy. “I want to be that voice.”

The new Edmonton Catholic school board has a responsibility to strengthen faith in the Catholic school system within the community, the Church and the provincial government.

“We have to work together rebuilding those relationships which were solid which now have doubt cast upon them like a cloud,” she said. “We need to show that ‘Yes, we apologize, we lost ourselves, now it’s time to work. We are here in good faith, willing to collaborate.’” 

Suchy, a member of St. John the Evangelist Parish, is running against Terry Harris in Ward 71. Suchy’s father, Rudy Arcilla, is running in Ward 72.

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