The Bible. Much has been said and much has been written about the Word of God, but how often do we open the cover and really take time to read it? If we haven’t, do we even know where to start? What about those who are simply interested in learning more about the sacred text?

In his 2017 pastoral letter Living in the Word, Archbishop Richard Smith calls us to “Hear the Word of God and do it” – to listen to Scripture and put it into practice, even in the midst of the fast pace of our lives juggling family, friends and careers. 

Those may seem like daunting tasks, but our friends at Grandin Media are making it easier with a new video interview series entitled Open Book. It’s an introduction to the Bible with the goal of opening both hearts and minds to the Word of God. It can be watched, and re-watched, whenever you like.

They ask questions that you may have been too hesitant to ask, starting with the most basic: “What is the Bible?”, “Is it the truth?” and “Who wrote it?” Scripture scholars from Newman Theological College present the answers in language that’s accessible and easy to understand. 

The Open Book episodes will cover a variety of topics: The Word Made Flesh – The Fullness Of God’s Revelation, The Bible and Tradition, How Does the Bible Teach Truth?, the Old and New Testaments and the unity between the two, as well as How To Read Difficult Passages In The Bible.

The guides on this encounter are Stephane Saulnier, professor of Sacred Scripture at Newman Theological College, and Rev. John Kohler, who serves on the formation team of St. Joseph Seminary. 

In his pastoral letter, Archbishop Smith writes that: “Even if we take as little as ten minutes each day to read a few lines of the Bible, or one of the readings assigned for daily mass, this encounter with Christ will change our lives.” We hope to help viewers with that experience.

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Here is the first episode: