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Sacramental Records

The Archdiocese maintains duplicate copies of Baptism, Confirmation, Marriage, Ordination, and Burial registers. The Archdiocese does not maintain copies of First Communion or Reconciliation registers.

Access to Sacramental Records

  1. Information about a sacramental record will only be released to the person whose name appears in the record, with the following exception:
    If the individual is under 18, information will be released to the parents or legal guardians of the individual.
  2. The Archdiocese does not maintain a comprehensive database of sacramental records. If sufficient information is not provided, the Archdiocese may not be able to conduct a search.
  3. The Archdiocese does not issue copies of sacramental records. Copies are only issued from the parish holding the original register. If you know the parish where you received your sacraments, please contact the parish directly. We also maintain a list of the locations of registers from all closed or merged parishes.

    Exception: The Archdiocesan Archives has the original baptismal registers for:
    • Charles Camsell Hospital (1946-1994)
    • Misericordia Hospital (1900-1970)
    • Edmonton General Hospital (1928-1988)

    Please contact the Archives for more information.
  4. Please note that past sacramental record keeping traditions in the Archdiocese have not always been consistent, often leading to absences or errors in formal baptism, confirmation, marriage, and burial registers.
  5. For searches conducted for sacramental purposes there is no charge (i.e. searches for confirmation certificates in order to be a baptism or confirmation sponsor, or searches for baptism certificates in order to enroll a child in Catholic School).
  6. Search requests for all other purposes completed by the Archdiocesan Archives will be charged a fee of $50 per request regardless of whether or not the search proves successful.

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