Donation Options

Your gift to the Together We Serve appeal will make a difference to all of these charities:


Catholic Social Services 

Bringing the love and hope of Christ to people in need, of all faiths & cultures, for over 50 years.


Diocese of Mackenzie-Fort Smith

Supporting positive projects that help build the spiritual health of communities in our twin diocese.

Development and Peace - Caritas Canada

Development and Peace - Caritas Canada strives to change lives in the Global South.


Evangelization of Nations

Supports pastoral and evangelization 
work in missionary dioceses around the world. 

Needs of the Church in Canada

Supports the work of our Canadian bishops in leadership, advocacy and education.   

Needs of the Church in the Holy Land

Supports Christians in the Holy Land and maintenance of  Christianity's most holy sites.

The Pope's Pastoral Works

The Office of Papal Charities exercises charity to the poor and needy in the Holy Father's name.

St. Joseph Sem. & Newman Theological College

Provide education and formation of diocesan priests and lay Christian leaders for Western Canada.

St. Joseph's College, University of Alberta

Campus Ministry provides counselling, peer support, worship services, interfaith activities and more. 


St. Joseph Priests' Foundation of Edmonton

Provides income and other assistance to ensure the dignified care of our priests when they retire or can no longer serve.