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It doesn't matter if you've been away for a while, it doesn't matter what you have to confess.

Drop by the closest Catholic church and experience the grace of God in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Priests across the Archdiocese welcome you no matter how long it's been since you have been to Confession, and no matter what you want or need to confess.

Forget how it goes?

First, take a deep breath ... it’s easier than you think.

Step 1

  • Look at your life. Examine your conscience. See where you’ve made some mistakes. Ask, “How have I hurt God, others, myself?”

Step 2

  • Have a firm intention to change your life. Find a priest who will hear your confession.

  • The priest will welcome and greet you. Make the Sign of the Cross.

  • The priest invites you to have trust in God using one of the formulas in the ritual or similar words.

  • It is helpful for you to indicate your state in life (married, single, or clergy), how long since your last confession, and anything else that may help the confessor in exercising his ministry.

  • Confess your sins. Start with the most serious ones, and how often you do them. Then tell your less serious sins.

Step 3

  • Listen for and accept the prayers and deeds that the priest proposes as a penance (a penance is an outward act to show your repentance for the wrongdoings).

  • The priest asks you to pray a formal prayer (an Act of Contrition, by saying or reading it), or to declare in your own words your sorrow for your sins, your plea for forgiveness, and your promise to do penance and be a better person.

  • The priest then prays the Prayer of Absolution (blessing by which your sins are forgiven by God), to which you respond “Amen.”Step 

Step 4

  • Carry out your penance and start to live a new life. Enjoy the peace that comes with God’s forgiveness.

Getting Ready

To help you prepare for confession, take a look at our guides to Making an Examination of Conscience.

Visit our Reconciliation Resources page for more information and guidance about confessions.

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