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COVID-19 Information for Parishes

On the Reintroduction of the Public Celebration of Holy Mass

VIDEO: Announcing a Gradual Return to Publicly Celebrated Mass


VIDEO: How to receive Communion


VIDEO: Demonstration of how to receive Communion

Official Archdiocesan Guidelines and Resources

For other pandemic-related updates and resources, visit

Posters, Signage, and Resources

Face Mask Information

Contact Tracing - Forms and Poster

Contact Tracing Form - fillable (Word™ - editable)

Contact Tracing Poster (PDF)

11x17 Posters for Church Doors

Mass Schedule (PDF)

Mass Schedule (Word™ - editable)

As We Gather: 5 key reminders 
parishioners can read while 
waiting outside

Remain at Home
if You are Sick

How to wear a Face
Mask properly

8.5x11 Letter-Size Signs

Face Coverings Required - Masks in Church (PDF)

Face Coverings Required - Masks in Church (Word™ - editable)

Mass Schedule (Word™ - editable)

Physical Distancing in Church (PDF)

Physical Distancing (PDF)

Physical Distancing (Elevator) (PDF)

Disclaimer (Livestreaming) (PDF)

Sanitize (PDF)

Sanitize  (Right Arrow) (PDF)

← Sanitize (Left Arrow) (PDF)

One-Way (Down Arrow) (PDF)

One-Way (Left Arrow) (PDF)

One-Way (Right Arrow) (PDF)

One-Way (Up Arrow) (PDF)

Area Closed (PDF)



EXIT (Right Arrow) (PDF)

EXIT (Left Arrow) (PDF)

ENTRANCE (Left Arrow) (PDF)

ENTRANCE (Right Arrow) (PDF)

Small Washroom (PDF)